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More Than Just Friends How To Tell That Your Female Friend Is Attracted To You

29 Aug 2017

Hey guys I know you have lots of female friends in your circle.But have you experienced a female friend who suddenly behaves differently towards you? And you might think that she is flirting with you then.

Here’s what:there are common signs that could tell that your female friend How to tell if a girl likes you would like to be more than just your friend.Try to reflect on these things.Maybe, these might have happened already but you tend to ignore it.

  • Eye-Contact.If your friend talks to you, do you tend to notice her eyes? A female who is attracted to you may show her feelings through her eyes. You could tell a different spark in the eyes compared to others who will just look into your eyes without meaning.
  • She makes herself always available.Whenever you ask her a favor or invites her for a company, she readily says “Yes”.Try to notice if she does this to her other male friends, too, or just to you.
  • Appears great when you are together.Notice that when you are together, she always presents herself beautifully.It seems that she wants to be at her best when she’s with you.
  • Gets interested in things and activities you love.She tends to ask you questions about your favorite sports and the things you like to do.She may even like to accompany you with these activities.
  • Her female friends act differently when you’re together.Of course, girls often share their thoughts and feelings.Her friends might be telling her the things they heard about you.
  • An unexplainable happiness in her face when you’re together.This is quite subjective, but believe me! You’ll just know from your thoughts that you are the one who is making her happy.